Lucky Acres

The Girls

We have many girls here, 3 Alpacas,and 5 Llamas.We will list each below so you can get to know each and love them as we do:

Here are four of the girls, just hanging out. (Zimorra,Tina,Skittles,and Sarah)

Sarah: Ten year old female Llama 

Zimorra:Ten year old female Llama-She is mom to Skittles.


Skittles:2year old female Llama


Tina:4Year old Female  Llama


Strawberry:10 year old female Llama




Suzie 5year old Female Huacaya Alpaca

Theresa:7 year old female Huacaya Alpaca

DeJa'Vue:18 month old Female Huacaya Alpaca